Instrumental Tourist

Oneohtrix Point Never have been on the top of my cd pile since the release of last year’s Replica, and I can not tell you the countless times Tim Hecker’s stellar Ravedeath 1972 has lulled me into a state of pure bliss. I need not mention I’ve been like a child anticipating Christmas since the announcement of their collaboration, and after streaming this in full I now await, like an extremely desperate child who is still really anticipating Christmas, until I hear it on wax.

Instrumental Tourist is a collection of the most disintegrated sonic soundscapes you’ll hear this year; harsh brazen chords, saws that cut to the surface and then retreat so carelessly, the relentless blurs of rusted melancholia - this is not for the light hearted and there is a hefty amount to take in, but it somehow manages to seep right into your system. Instrumental Tourist at times is essentially the soundtrack to one of those decaying old VHS’ you’d watch in Science classes, but then out of nowhere Tim Hecker and Daniel Lopatin manage to make all those dying stars and spiralling nebula’s a genuine concern. For anyone brave enough to take their ambience oozing and flaking simultaneously, this beauty is streaming on NPR!!


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